Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right nursery?
Finding the right nursery for your child can be very stressful and it takes some time. It is better, therefore, to start collating information about nurseries in your area as early as possible, we would advise at least three months beforehand. Some of them have long waiting lists. It is also very important to visit the nurseries of your choice more than once. Your child needs to feel comfortable and safe and you need to be relaxed about leaving your child in the safe hands of professionals.

What age ranges does your nursery take? Are the children split into age groups?
We take children from 0-5 years. The children are divided into groups based on their age. Babies are then further subdivided according to their stage of physical development. Therefore, we have the following groups at our nursery: babies (0-2), toddlers (2-3) and pre-school (3-5). Each group has its own room and facilities. All the groups use the outside playground so that children get used to successfully communicating with others, and become tolerant and understanding.

Do you offer part-time places?
Subject to availability, we offer part-time places: you are welcome to choose between morning, lunchtime or afternoon sessions, a minimum of two sessions per week. The children attending individual sessions still benefit from all the meals offered during that time and from the scheduled programme of the group.

What hours is the nursery open? Does it shut for holidays?
Our nursery is open between 7.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The nursery is closed on Saturdays/Sundays and bank holidays.

What are the parking facilities?
We do have parking space, for dropping off and collection only, immediately behind the nursery, off Princes Avenue. A more extensive parking facility for parents is situated behind The Sutherland Education centre, on the corner of Ewell Road with Princes Avenue (first gate on the right driving into Princes Avenue from Ewell Road). There is also a Budgens car park not far from our nursery, only a 2 minute walk away. This may give you an opportunity to do your weekly shopping!

How do I get to the nursery by public transport?
Our convenient location enables you to reach our Nursery quickly by the following buses: 265, 281, 418, K1, K2. The nursery is not far from Tolworth Station, only a 10 minute walk, and about a 20 minute walk from Surbiton station.

What is the ratio of staff to children?
As a minimum, at all times we follow the required ratio of staff to children, as stipulated in the Children Act 1989:

0 to 2 years - 1 staff member to 3 children
2 to 3 years - 1 staff member to 4 children
3 to 5 years - 1 staff member to 8 children

However, whenever we can, we try to have more personnel available to ensure as much personal support for your child as possible.

Who is personally responsible for my child's progress, and how well qualified is that person?
Every child has an assigned key carer who will take on overall interest and responsibility for your child's well-being and development. The priority of our staff is to focus on the needs of the children at all times. Our nursery nurses are professionally qualified, with experience in childcare. They have the relevant childcare qualifications (NVQ Level 2-4), NNEB (National Exam Board), BTEC National Diploma or equivalent.

What are the procedures for settling in new children?
We understand that the first day away from home may cause anxiety and frustration in some children who may need more time to assimilate to a new environment. Therefore all new children are introduced to other children and immediately engaged in plays on their first day. Our colourful tidy rooms and excellent modern facilities, with stimulating toys, are creating a cheerful home-from-home atmosphere. All our displays provide a thought provoking environment with something motivating for every child.

Do the children use the outside facilities regularly, and are there open-air play activities?
Sutherland Day Nursery has an open playground where children spend some time every day, weather permitting. Toddlers and pre-school children are sometimes taken to the local park or places of interest according to our planned activity schedule. Parents always have an option of withholding their consent to their child's participation in a certain activity.

What range of activities do you provide?
We provide a wide range of activities, offering children the opportunity to experiment and learn through play. There are many activities which involve toys, water, paint, sand and music to stimulate children's imagination and optimum development. All activities are organized in small groups of children, thereby stimulating social relationships between them.

How am I kept informed of my child's progress, activities and development? Are parents encouraged to visit the nursery and remain involved with their children's development?
Our staff regularly communicate with parents as we feel it is very important for parents to follow their child's development at all times. We organize parents' evenings during which we give feedback on individual achievements and relationships within the group. There are also personal meetings, specially organized to talk in more detail about a child's development, skills and behaviour, and exchange observations between home and nursery. Additionally, every child has a portfolio with the key carer's observations and pieces of artwork, available to parents at any time. Should you have any concerns or observations you would like to share with us, you are also welcome to contact us.

What food is provided to the children? How do you cope with food allergies or special dietary needs?
All our meals are prepared on site. Consequently, there is no problem with meeting special dietary requirements. We are careful about any food allergies declared by parents and observe personal diets due to medical or religious reasons. We do require parents to notify us of any special requests and needs.

Does the nursery cater for special needs?
The nursery building is specially designed to cater for children with special needs. All corridors, rooms and toilets are adapted to accommodate wheelchairs. Certain staff members also have experience in supporting children who need additional assistance.

What will happen in the case of illness or an emergency?
As soon as you know that your child is unwell, you should contact the nursery immediately and let us know the reason, if known, should this affect other children.

Our nursery building is equipped with fire, security, access control and CCTV systems, ensuring a high level of security. All our staff members are carefully trained for the unlikely event of an emergency and many are qualified in first aid.

What sort of discipline is used?
We try to maintain a friendly atmosphere at all times with no tolerance of aggressive behaviour or any form of bullying. We promote and reward kindness, consideration and tolerance towards others.

What are the fees and when do I pay? Would I have to pay if my child is absent, through sickness or due to family holidays?
All details of the payment and refund policies are included in our terms and conditions which accompany the registration form. Please ensure that you become familiar with them and ask any questions on issues which may cause concern or be unclear. We endeavour to ensure that all the information given to parents is clear and helpful. We can also refer you to useful institutions offering financial help and advice, should this be required. Please ask a member of staff.

Is it all right for me to visit my child at any time?
flower stick man You are welcome to pay a visit at any time if you are ever worried, or simply wish to see your child and maybe better understand his or her daily routine.