The Environment

At Sutherland Day Nursery we aim to create a happy, safe and healthy environment and to meet every child's individual needs. The premises are specially designed to stimulate creativity and learning, and are protected by a sophisticated security system, which offers you complete peace of mind. We also subscribe in many practical ways to environmentally friendly policies.


Children's safety is of paramount importance to us. Admittance to the nursery is strictly monitored through CCTV cameras and any visitors must make an appointment. Our professionally qualified and experienced staff are carefully selected for their communication skills and a compassionate approach to every child's needs. Good child-to-staff ratios ensure that your child is given the best possible care and attention.


Sutherland Day Nursery is a warm, friendly and relaxed environment, where all are welcome. Each child is treated as an individual and everybody is encouraged to play and mix happily together. All children have equal access to activities and educational pursuits, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic or cultural origin. We promote tolerance, respect and understanding.

Learner Centred

Our aim is to deliver up-to-date curricula, and ensure that stimulating and enjoyable activities are properly planned and effective learning takes place.

We aspire to nurture enthusiasm for learning whilst ensuring that every child reaches his/her full potential in all areas of development. We have a wide variety of exciting indoor and outdoor play equipment with toys specially selected to stimulate both learning and enjoyment.

Indoors, our rooms are designed to provide a bright, cheerful and warm setting, while outdoors, we have spacious safe-play areas suitable for all age groups.

Under careful supervision and with parents' permission, the children are taken to the local park, located approximately two hundred metres away from the nursery.

Small Group Focused

To enable your child to feel part of a small group and form good stable relationships with staff and peers, the children are split into 3 groups:

  • babies (0-2)
  • toddlers (2-3)
  • pre-school (3-5)

Qualified nursery practitioners promote happy play and stimulated learning.

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